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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Humane Society of Adams County. We rely on volunteers to help clean cages and kennels, help with laundry, help with feeding, and help with cleaning the shelter's public spaces, such as sweeping and mopping. Volunteers can mow the grass, pull weeds, clean litter boxes, and empty trash cans. The dogs and puppies really enjoy time outside with volunteers running off-leash in our enclosed exercise areas. The cats and kittens get much-needed enrichment and socialization by playing with volunteers in the cat room. The opportunities for volunteers are endless.

Volunteers sometimes help transport shelter pets to/from vet appointments and adoption events. Volunteers also help with office duties, such as mailings, record filing, computer data entry, and sorting through donations. 

Are you a parent searching for family service opportunities? We welcome children as volunteers as long as they are accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian. Children can help put food and water in pet bowls, play with cats and kittens, sweep, fold laundry, and organize pet supplies. 

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

We welcome volunteers! Please click on the "Volunteer Application Form" button on this page or call us at (937) 544-8585 for more information. You may also stop in at the animal shelter to learn more about how you can help us help the animals of Adams County!


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